Artist Statement

 My current work focuses on illuminated  sculptures, and paintings in oil and acrylic.

My subject matter is about reconnecting with nature and building an awareness of the beauty that surrounds us. Through my art, I try to capture the subjects essence and energy. The humor of sandpipers running from ocean waves, the startling realization of seeing an elk in an open field, or the humbled greatness of standing next to a giant beast pulled from imagination all awaken our senses. I want to inspire people to pause, breathe deep, and enjoy life.

I love to work with my hand, paint, and build.  I also love to explore and experience new.  I thrive on learning, expressing what I have learned, and solving. By pushing  the boundaries of what can be done with the medium, I have learned so much.

I use tissue paper, wire, reed, watercolor,  and lighting to create illuminated sculptures. I use encaustics to paint, make monotype prints, and small sculptures. I also paint,  mainly with acrylic, but also oil, watercolor, and pastel. I believe that it not only keeps my mind and work fresh, but also gives me a better understanding of what I am seeing and how I can share that with you.

I  believe that there is art in everything. The many expressions of art are essential for all of us to thrive and grow. It is about learning to see. Art is about experiences and emotions, rich and full.

This is my journey and I want to share it with you! I am glad you’ve joined me!


2nd place winner. 2023 Mount Holly Plein Air Paint Out

1st place winner. Illumination 2022. Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington, NC

2021 Artist Residency at Immersive Van Gogh in Charlotte, NC. My work was also among the local artwork sold in the boutique at the exhibit.

Google Arts and Culture. Four of my works included in the tab for NancyJo Sauser in online collection through connection ArtPop Street Gallery.

1st place winner. Illumination 2021. Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington, NC

1st place winner. Mount Holly 2021 Lantern Parade

Public Art Award. ArtPop 2020.   ArtPopStreetGallery
Award of multiple advertising platforms including digital media and large scale billboard.

1st place winner. Mount Holly 2019 Lantern Parade. 10/26/2019

2nd place winner. Mount Holly 2018 Lantern Parade with International Recognition

2021 Annual Juried Exhibition. Artists Collective. Spartanburg, SC

Illumination 2020. Cameron Art Museum. Wilmington, NC

2019 Annual ACLC Paul C Rhyne Juried Fine Art Competition

2018 Annual ACLC Paul C Rhyne Juried Fine Art Competition


Arts Mount Holly


Works held in private collections throughout the country.

Educational Background

University of Illinois, Chicago Campus – BA in Design
As well as studies in printmaking, photography, painting, and computer graphics

Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design -Studies in illustration, sculpture, painting, and drawing

University of Illinois, Champaign Campus

Various workshops and private classes