The Dragon.  2019 Mount Holly, NC Lantern Parade 1st Place Winner

This dragon is 19′ long and 9′ tall.He has a wingspan of 12′. His eyes open and close. His mouth opens and closes, and he can “breathe” fire-ice out when his mouth is open. His front arms move, as well as his wings. His tail is designed to not be rigid, in order for it to be able to sway back and forth. Six people are needed to carry this lantern.

My incentive for this lantern is the black snake because it is extra good to have around. It eats things that we do not
want to have near our homes, such as mice and baby copperhead snakes. I made it green as it is a lantern and this makes a brighter color to view. I did, however, add mice and a baby copperhead to  his wire framework. He has four rigid sections carried by four people, connected by a moveable area. His mouth opens and closes.